The Forgotten Art of Layering

The Forgotten Art of Layering

Not quite as easy as it sounds, here’s our guide to layering to make sure you don’t get caught out in the cold this season…

Whilst it may seem like a straightforward enough proposition, effective layering isn’t simply throwing on whatever item you can find. At best you’ll look like Joey from ‘Friends’ decked out in Chandler’s full wardrobe; at worst you’ll be cold and most likely wet.

Founded in Hudson, MA in 1975, by outerwear pioneer Harvey Gross, Penfield was developed to deal with the ever-shifting New England weather. Four distinct seasons with differing temperatures, and a diverse terrain to boot, meant that the brand’s offering had to be elemental, as well as functional to deal with the changing climate.


The humble t-shirt is a style staple as well as the perfect base from which to build your look. Look at our gsm counts to gauge the right weight for the right season and go from there. Warmer days could mean rolling out with just a zip-up fleece in your backpack for when the temperature dips. The Winter Geo Mattawa is a versatile piece which delivers warmth thanks to its fleece construction, as well as style via a bold jacquard geo design. 

Sweats are a great in-between layer. Just as comfortable indoors as outside, a zip up hoodie can showcase a diversity of texture as well as colour, and will fit right in under a top layer for colder seasons.

For more recreational evenings, an overshirt or shacket such as the Geo Brushed Shirt is an effective piece bringing form, contrast and comfort to a look. We suggest sizing up, so you’ve room for a sweatshirt underneath, or just space to breathe when feeling hot under the collar.


When navigating outdoor terrains, the top layer is the most important. Gilets such as the Outback Vest or Rockford provide core warmth and support whilst allowing for greater manoeuvrability and can be complimented with variation of material and colour from inner layers. Their tightly woven construction and water-repellent coating also provide superior warmth and protection from wind and rain, whilst borgs and fleeces are practical options for transitional seasonal dressing.

Finally, a great piece to fall back on, the Liner Jacket is a dependable layer offering versatility as a lightweight yet water-resistant opt layer, or for extra warmth underneath a more traditional coat or jacket.


So, there you have it, a modular wardrobe is key to dealing with whatever nature can throw at you, as well as maintaining a considered aesthetic


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